Project 52 with copyright

Scraps of paper.  Scattered post-it notes.  Stacks of quarter-filled notebooks.

Chicken scratch lists and unfinished project outlines seem to be the norm when it comes to creativity.

Although actually reaching their end can be a challenge, there’s something satisfying—something motivating—about initiating new projects.

So, in my quest to become a better photographer, I’ve created a “smorgasbord” version of a 52-week project.  Bite-size is key here, as is thinking outside of the box.  Each year has fifty-two weeks.  Each week has one theme.  Each theme requires one photo.  Borrowed a few intriguing prompts from another photo challenge list, added a few of my favorite words and concepts, brought in a couple from a whimsical writing prompt list, and included some from another 52-week photo project—hence the smorgasbord.

Pretty simple in theory.  We’ll see how well it transitions into action;).